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Joseph Strickland, A.C.N, B.S.

My father was a 490 pound man. I grew up eating fast food and I ate a home cooked meal maybe once a month. I was chubby growing up except for high school where I did theater and was active enough to stay fairly slim. After high school as a 19 year old I ate a whole large pizza and then went to one of those 24 hour breakfast places at 4:00 in the morning. I reached 232 pounds. It hit me that maybe it was what we were eating that made us bigger.

I then went to a minor emergency for a physical and to get some advice about my weight. My blood pressure was high and I was considered obese. I asked the doctor what to do and he didn’t have any suggestions. He said that, “It is a lifestyle thing.” That didn’t really help me much, but I decided to continue searching.

I tried every diet in existence, the famous high protein no carbohydrates diet, eating so many times a day, eating this and not that, tried every diet I could find on a book or recommended by a friend etc. I would loose weight and then gain it back. It was so frustrating that at certain periods I would go back to eating junk again.

I was going to school and working at a bank when my shoulder started to hurt from lifting coins. I went to a chiropractor and while I my shoulder was healing, a job became available at the clinic.

After 2 years working at the chiropractic clinic and without having made any lifestyle change per say, my body was stressed and my immune system weak from eating bad food. All of a sudden started to developed staph infections. I went to the doctor and took antibiotics and they went away for a month. Then it returned so I took more antibiotics and they went away. This happened 3 or 4 times. Finally I asked the Doctor, “What is making me get these.” He responded, “no one knows son, just take the antibiotics and hope it goes away.” 

I was confused and upset, but I needed to find what was weakening my immune system. Staph is serious; it can get into theblood and destroy your heart. I was a young man and I didn’t know what to do. I heard of a Doctor who used muscle testing (I had no idea what this was) and since nothing else traditional had worked I scheduled an appointment. 

I visited his office and it was interesting to say the least. He said it was chocolate. It didn’t make sense to me at the time that chocolate could cause this, but I stopped eating it anyway. It got better, but it didn’t stop it. This was the only method of treatment that offered any hope so I started learning.

I took several seminars and practice sessions in Nutrition Response Testing with the understanding that if I could make my body healthier I could help itfight the infections. I used the people around me and walked them thru what I learned to find what was going on with me. I finally figured out that it was Tomatoes and Chocolate.

I haven’t taken antibiotics since and that was 3 years ago. Nutrition was my new best friend. I lost the weight and got my life back, it saved my life, and now using what I have learned I help others. 

I have helped friends, family, and clients with things as diverse as weight loss, blood pressure, back pain, immune challenges, blood sugar balance, fatigue, depression, allergies, hormonal situations, menopause, etc. I love seeing people get better, so much so I named my clinic Better Body Clinical Nutrition. I look forward to working with you to increase your health and reach any goals you may have regarding your health. 

Yours in Health,

Joseph Strickland, A.C.N, B.S. (Nutrition Science)

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