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Joseph Strickland, B.S, A.C.N.

Applied Clinical Nutritionist

Here at Better Body Clinical Nutrition we help improve overall health by helping the body repair itself. We use Nutrition Response Testing to design custom health improvement strategies specific to your needs.

What Health Issues Can We Help you with?

*Metal & Chemical Toxicity *Autoimmune issues *Allergies & Asthma

*Acne *Eczema & Psoriasis *Food Sensitivities *Digestive Issues

*PMS & Menopause & MORE!

The first step to improving your health is to make an appointment for a consultation with our Nutrition Team. This includes all the testing to determine what the underlying causes of your symptoms are. Then we design an individual nutrition program unique to you, and help you transform your health!

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111 Ramble Ln. #114

Austin, TX 78745

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