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Tuesday, June 4, 2024 12:03 PM

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Women today are handling so much more than our grandmothers or even our mothers did.  We work, take care of the house, cook, have babies, and raise them.  There’s a lot riding on our shoulders so I like to make sure we take good care of ourselves and towards that end there’s some things to consider and know.   

Men may be stronger when it comes to muscle power but women generally live longer than men and in times of stress the female embryo survives while the male embryo generally does not make it to maturity. Women have to be strong and able to withstand hardship because they are the heart of the home.  Everything that happens in the home is generally coordinated and run by a woman. So, if the woman of the house is unhealthy and unhappy everybody will feel the effect.  Not to say that men don’t have a say or do not influence the home life but definitely women have the bigger role.

For this reason, you women, have to keep yourself very healthy and able to function to keep things going.  When your health declines it manifests in different ways. You are tired and moody. You may feel discomfort in different parts of your body and after a while pain and you may become depressed.  This will all lead to less healthy cooking, less outings, less activities with the kids or with friends. Your quality of life goes down.

There are many women that have been feeling tired for so long they think it’s normal.   They wake up tired and push themselves through the day waiting to go back to bed.  Did you know that it’s possible to get up fully revitalized and rested?  That you can work a full day and come home still full of energy ready to tackle making a nice dinner, maybe try a new recipe and then have energy left over still for a walk, hike, dance class, gym, whatever you may like. 

And then let’s talk about sex.  When a women’s health is not optimum, the first thing that goes down is the libido.   It kind of becomes a chore if the husband or partner wants some love. You try to get into it but it’s sort of not really there or it takes work. Or you just don’t have sex anymore. Well, that’s not ideal and definitely not how it should be.  But today it is so common that it is looked at as a normal progression as you get older.  That is far from the truth.

To be continued in next post

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