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Tuesday, June 4, 2024 11:09 AM

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There are other things that can affect health and the way someone looks as they age.

Smoking can make someone look old before their time because it deprives the body of oxygen.  Oxygen helps detoxify the body and kill bacteria.  Our bodies burn oxygen, it takes it in and when it’s done returns carbon dioxide.  In with the good and out with the bad.  If you breathe in smoke, you’re polluting the inside and starving your body for oxygen. 

Alcohol consumption can also affect the way you look.  There are a number of different forms of alcohol, most of which are considered to be deadly poisons.  The one form of alcohol that can be safely ingested by humans is ethanol and even that’s a matter of dispute amongst experts.  Consuming any alcoholic beverage introduces a certain amount of pure ethanol into your system which is not readily designed to process it in large quantities.  The average healthy liver can only process one ounce of ethanol per hour which is a very low amount for a heavy social drinker to ingest.  Some amount of ethanol goes straight to the brain.  While the brain tried to deal with this new intoxicated sensation, the liver is working overtime to metabolize or convert the ethanol into a harmless form of sugar.  More ethanol in the brain means more possible damage to the central nervous system.  It is possible to consume enough ethanol to cause death, either by compromising the central nervous system beyond repair or by choking on vomit after the natural choking reflex has been suppressed.  So drinking alcohol definitely does not promote health but causes damage to our bodies. Moderation is the key word here. 

Frequent and severe sunburns.  We need sunshine at least 20 minutes a day in order to produce vitamin D.  So try to go outside and get some sun daily but don’t stay in the sun for hours and get burned.  This damages the skin cells and if it’s a regular practice the body won’t be able to keep up with the repairing and renewing of your skin cells and your skin will become less supple and dry.  It is also a risk to develop skin cancer over time.   If you will need to be in the sun for hours, use a good sunscreen from a natural food store (check for non-toxic ones).  Not all sunscreen are good, some contain harsh chemicals that can cause rashes.

Cosmetics.  You might be surprised by this one but many ingredients in cosmetics are very toxic for your skin and can cause irritation.  Many lotions are made from petroleum which is toxic.  Some ingredients listed on some products are even known to cause cancer. Again the same website should be consulted to find out non-toxic options.  It scores the products by color codes. Green being good, yellow being slightly or potentially toxic and red being definitely toxic.  You can enter a specific ingredient and It will give some information on what the ingredient does and its rating. It is a good idea to start reading the labels on your products and look for potential toxicity.  I try to stay away from products that have a huge list of ingredients with names I can’t pronounce.  Make up is also something you have to be careful with. 


1- Face Stretches & Neck exercises (exercising the whole body is also recommended)

2- Massage your body with a good stiff brush

3- Little taps on the face & neck will stimulate circulation.

4- Cold and hot water therapy. It is very invigorating.

5- Complexion mist (check for good ones)

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