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Natural Alternative Strategies to the Top Ten Prescription Drugs – Part 3

Thursday, May 2, 2024 8:34 AM

Article by Mark Anderson of Standard Process West
and Kerry Bone of MediHerb.
- Nebel OT, Fornes MF, Castell DO. Symptomatic gastroesophageal reflux: incidence and precipitating factors. AM J Dig Dis. 1976;21(11)”953-956
- Spechler SJ. Epidemiology and natural history of gastro-esophageal reflux disease. Digestion. 1992;51(supp 1):24-29.


Parietal Cells: Acid Production
• There are three pathways leading to acid production by the parietal cell: the acetylcholine, gastrin, and histamine receptor pathways.
• These three pathways interact and overlap with each other significantly. Acetylcholine is secreted at the sight, smell, and taste of food: gastrin and histamine are released as a result of swallowed food in the stomach.
• When acetylcholine, gastrin, or histamine binds to its receptor on the parietal cell, a process is initiated that results in acid production.
• GERD is believed to be caused by a combination of conditions that increase the presence of acid reflux in the esophagus. These conditions include transient LES relaxation, decreased LES resting tone, impaired esophageal clearance, delayed gastric emptying, decreased salivation, and impaired tissue resistance.

Introduced in 1995, Prevacid is a proton-pump inhibitor – a new class of drugs that almost totally blocks the production of stomach acid. It is primarily used in the treatment of heartburn due to regurgitation of stomach acid into the esophagus. This also creates a more favorable environment for the healing of peptic ulcers. So it may also sometimes be used to treat and prevent ulcers of the stomach and duodedum. Taken by mouth, Prevacid is a man-made compound and is much more potent than Tagamet, Zantac, Pepcid, and Axid. Prevacid is a delayed-release tablet. It begins working within one hour and provides relief for over 24 hours.

What Prevacid is not.
Prevacid has a different chemical structure and means of action than other drugs used for treatment of heartburn and peptic ulcers. It is not an antacid. Prevacid is not habit forming. It does not cause any drowsiness, sexual dysfunction, or breast enlargement.

Medications such as aspirin and other NSAIDs (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs); Calcium channel blockers; asthma drugs; and hormones may cause reflux.

There Is A Better Way –

HiPep by Medi Herb

Each table contains;
- Deglycyrrhizinized Licorice root
- Chamomile flower
- Meadowsweet herb
- Chamomile flower essential oil

These herbs and essential oil complement each other in the very potent formulation with actions including:
- Anti-inflammatory
- Anti ulcer
- Mucoprotective
- Calmative
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