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Sleep, Sleep, Sleep – Part 3

Saturday, April 20, 2024 9:56 AM

Article by Dr. Ronda Nelson 

Top 10 Tips for Sound Sleep 
There are a number of factors at play when sleep is elusive, however, common sense will dictate a few of the most basic factors that should be considered. 

• Managing stress and the stress response with adaptogens or other adrenal trophorestorative herbs such as Rehmannia and Ashwaganda.
• Ensure stable blood sugar levels before going to bed (i.e. no late-night snacks or sugary treats after dinner): Some people will do well to consume a small amount of protein, fat and a fruit or veggie just before bed. 
• Discontinuing the use of blue light for 1 hour before bed including computers, cell phones and even television. 
• Create “dusk” inside the house, especially in the bedroom using low lights and relaxing music. Pandora has a channel called “Sleep Station Radio.” 
• Ensure the room temperature is at or near 65 degrees for optimal sleep. 
• Encourage regular exercise as a source of stress-relief and to increase the body’s need for rejuvenative sleep. 
• Avoid any kind of caffeine after 2 pm. 
• Say no to alcoholic beverages in the evening: they help engage sleep but can cause disrupted sleep in the sleep cycle. 
• Ensure optimal hormone levels, especially for menopausal-aged women.
• Mattresses should be no older then 8 to 10 years and be firm enough to support the body yet allow for a comfortable night’s sleep.
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