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Wednesday, March 20, 2024 11:05 AM


There are powerful herbs from the Bible that have been shown to:
• Fight inflammation & reduce joint and muscle pain 
• Boosts immunity
• Eliminate brain fog & improves memory 
• Relieve anxiety & depression 
• Balance hormones & improve menopause symptoms 
• Rejuvenate skin
One of the 3 gifts from the wise men brought to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus Christ (Matthew 2:11)...

Frankincense is one of the most powerful Biblical herbs used for long-lasting pain relief and natural healing.


According to Dr. Patrick Gentempo, a world-renowned doctor, frankincense has healing properties.

Dr. Gentempo is a best-selling author, a TEDx speaker, and host of the popular Christian documentary series “Christ Revealed.” He’s also known as “the doctor of doctors” – after helping create a patented technology being used in 8000+ doctor’s offices around the world.

The problem is that many frankincense products sold in retail stores and online may provide very little to no benefit to your body…

Because the type of frankincense found in many products today is NOT in its purest and highest quality form.

Which is why, after his experience hosting Christ Revealed, Dr. Gentempo and his team went on a mission to create a novel formula to contain only the purest and highest-quality frankincense.

With several other powerful Biblical herbs added…

Millions of faithful Americans enjoy its ULTRA healing benefits

After years of research, he created the first daily Bible-Based  supplement called WISDOM.


Wisdom includes not only the highest quality and purest form of frankincense available on the market today…but even  7 other incredible Biblical herbs, such as myrrh, Holy Basil, and hyssop.

Over the years, Wisdom has helped countless people experience life-changing energy and vitality. 

Some have said they’re almost having a second shot at “youth!”

That’s because the 8 powerful and healing herbs in Wisdom are science-backed to give you: 
• Youthful energy
• Better sleep 
• Slimmer waistline 
• Improved digestion
• Rejuvenated skin 
• Long-lasting pain relief 
• Muscle, nerve, and joint comfort 
Over the years, there has been crazy demand for Wisdom…

And if you wanted to try it for yourself, you’d have to be on the waitlist for weeks (or months).

Thankfully, Wisdom is finally back in stock, and Dr. Gentempo and his team have set up a great deal for our VIP readers only! 

Look, if you’re anything like me, you care about your health and well-being… 

And the last thing I want for you is to regret not taking action and missing out on all the almost “miraculous benefits” of frankincense and the other 7 Biblical herbs in Wisdom. 

SO if you’re reading this, chances are Wisdom is still in stock, and you can claim your bottles now. 

Get all the details here: 

>>> World’s First Daily Christian Supplement, Wisdom, Is Back In Stock! Claim Your Bottles While Supplies Last (100% Risk-Free)

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