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Healing Life and Lungs After Covid – Part 9

Tuesday, January 23, 2024 1:29 PM

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December 5, 2022 by Betsy Thomason

Healing Life and Lungs After Covid – Part 9

Home Remedies

Before modern medicine took over, people had access to home rem­edies from reliable sources such as elders and grandparents. Generation after generation established the effectiveness of these remedies—the proof being in the pudding. Then, in the twentieth century, drugs stole the show and “evidence-based medicine” supplanted home remedies.

Nevertheless, home remedies still keep many of us from running to “urgent care” and coming home with a high medical bill. In the case of respiratory illness, keeping the airway filter—your nose—clear of excess mucus is essential and easy to do at home. To clear your nasal passages and sinuses, use normal saline (made by mixing half a teaspoon of sea salt in one cup of warm water) in a neti pot, or sniff it directly into one nostril at a time, followed by coughing and blowing your nose.

A naturopath recommended two remedies helpful in clearing mucus from the chest during a cold or pneumonia: onions and mashed potatoes. Slice a chunk of onion and breathe it deeply into your lungs. Place it near your head during sleep. Repeat for a few nights or longer, if necessary.

As for the mashed potato, use one large spud, warm (not hot), per treatment (minus the butter and salt!). This becomes a poultice placed directly on your chest. Lie comfortably on your back for twenty to thirty minutes, covering the mashed potato with a towel to preserve the heat. (You may wish to put a towel underneath you to catch the potato if it slides off your chest during the treatment.)

 Doing this twice a day for a few days can make a difference. You be the judge and keep records for future generations. If you have a garden, compost the used potatoes!

Here's a link for a nasal rinse system I have used and works well.

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