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Dietary Recommendations for Children: A Recipe for Future Heart Disease? – Part 3

Tuesday, September 26, 2023 7:19 PM


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Protection Against Infection 


Children have been shown to be more susceptible to infectious diseases than most adults. In the past, the mortality in children was higher than it is now. That was because we did not have the antibiotic treatments that we now have. But infants who were fed human milk did not usually succumb to the viral illnesses that they were exposed to because their mothers were providing them with disease-fighting components in their milk. Some of these disease-fighting components in the mother’s milk were special fatty acids that the mammary gland made. These fatty acids are called lauric acid and caproic acid. These disease-fighting fatty acids can be part of older children’s diets if they consume foods that contain coconut or coconut oil, palm kernel oil, or, to a lesser extent, good quality cream and high fat milk. Unfortunately, when parents adhere to the dietary guidelines, these components will be absent in their children’s diets.