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More Data on Water - 3

Tuesday, August 8, 2023 2:46 PM

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All Waters Are NOT Created Equal.
The Destruction of Our Modern Waters 
Several things have happened over the past century to damage or destroy the value of our water supplies. None of these things was accidental - all of them could have been avoided - and each can still be fixed, with your help.
Loss of Minerals by water softeners or reverse osmosis. Removing minerals from water, especially calcium and magnesium, makes the water turn acidic. The acid water leaches minerals from the body, stresses the body and sets up a downward spiral of ill health and degeneration.
Chlorination. Chlorine was added to water to kill bacteria. But there is a big downside: chlorine also kills our beneficial digestive bacteria (probiotics), setting us up for a host of ailments. Chlorine combines with organic matter to form potent carcinogens. Effective alternatives to chlorination, such as ozonation, exist and are used in several countries in Europe.
Fluoridation. Fluoride is one of the most toxic substances known. A powerful neuro-toxin, there is no safe level of fluoride exposure in pregnant women. Fluoride damages the thyroid, lowers IQ, may contribute to ADHD, Alzheimer's Disease and can discolor and deform the teeth. And it doesn't significantly prevent tooth decay - the whole "reason" for fluoridation in the