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More Data on Water - 5

Wednesday, August 9, 2023 9:45 AM

NOTE – The post below is promoting a water filtrating system developed by Winston Kao who is a good friend of mine. I met Winston when I lived in Clearwater, FL for 16 years. He has always been interested in health products and at the time I was buying fermented molasses from him to help maintain a healthy gut. He was also at the time researching how to improve organic growing and was planning on starting a farm. He was also looking into water systems at the time, and this is the culminating product of all his work. 
The system is not cheap but definitely worth it if you can afford it. 
But do not despair, I will give you some affordable recommendations on how to improve your water that are not up to par with Winston’s system but still acceptable. 
Solution to Dead Water. 
To help understand why I refer to "good" water as "living" water, let me tell you a story. Years ago, I was doing research into what makes plants grow. I'm an avid organic gardener and soil-rejuvenation expert and I wanted to know how to make plants thrive in all kinds of environments.
In my experiments with plant germination (getting seeds to start growing), I discovered that plants had a very hard time germinating when I used reverse-osmosis water to irrigate them. I also found a nasty black & slimy fungus growing in all my germination pots. Something was obviously wrong! Reverse-osmosis water, rather than giving life to plants, seemed to bring only death. The results with distilled water were a bit better, but only slightly. Months of experimentation proved that "empty water" killed or retarded plant growth; only natural, mineral-bearing waters could make plants thrive. The obvious question came to mind: if empty water is deadly or crippling to plants, what does such water do to people?
Dead Water Makes Sick People 
My plant experiments led me to scour the available research on water and human health. I studied both mainstream and alternative research sources. I interviewed hundreds of individuals including scientists, medical professionals, herbalists, and ordinary folks. I pumped them for information and their observations and discovered the common denominators that made water healthful or harmful.
The answer you already know: Water gives life ONLY when it's free of poisons yet remains loaded with essential minerals.
Armed with this rock-bottom, basic principle about water, I set out to discover how to create Living Water in abundance. Removing toxins wasn't the only issue - the BIG problem was how to remove toxins while somehow leaving the life-giving minerals intact. And here I ran smack into a brick wall. You see, conventional water treatment technologies were all focused on "reducing" toxins (not even eliminating them) and actually went out of their way to get RID of the essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium! 
It felt as though the mainstream water treatment companies were eager to mess up our water and thus our health! I was shaking my head over the deception, fraud, and irresponsibility that I found so common in the water treatment industry. I couldn't find answers in the conventional world, so I had to create my own water filter. I wanted LIVING WATER that was free of toxins (including fluoride) that would be similar to drinking water from a virgin mountain spring. My filter is the only filter that removes fluoride, arsenic, and many other toxins down to non-detectable levels by independent, third-party water test. My water solution for myself and my family evolved into a crusade.
Other water filtration companies will make glowing claims about their systems. But when you call them or read the fine print, you discover that things are not as they seemed!
Goal achieved…. LIVING WATER REBORN!
From Ideal Earth WaterTM Filter Systems