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More Data on Water - 6

Wednesday, August 9, 2023 8:52 AM

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Different ways to mineralize your water. 
• They are concentrated liquid solutions that you can drop in your drinking water to increase or replace its mineral content. Probably the easiest is to add electrolytes powder to your water. They are specifically formulated to infuse water with minerals that have been removed by reverse osmosis system. Some electrolytes come in already mixed beverages, but most contain artificial flavorings and colorant that are not recommended and unhealthy. Choose flavorless and sugar-free powder mixes for best health. Call us for our recommendation. 
• Pure Himalayan salt is mineral rich sea salt. The pinkish hue of Himalayan salt is due to trace minerals impurities in the salt. These impurities are what make mineral salts so sought-after, for their health benefits. Celtic Sea Salt, which is slightly grey, is also acceptable. All Sea Salt will have some color in them because of the impurities which is the minerals, so if your Sea Salt is pure white, it is most likely processed and would not contain all the minerals that you want. Add a sprinkle of Himalayan salt into your water and mix well. It will provide a good amount of minerals, although with a salty taste. 
• Fruits, herbs, and vegetables contain trace minerals that are water soluble, which is why infused water is a big hit. The minerals released by these easily dissipate, so it is important to drink the infused water while it is freshly made. Mix your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs into your water. The smaller you slice them, the more minerals and electrolytes they can infuse in your water. 
Of course, you need to start with filtered water. The system that was recommended in my last post is pricy but there is another system that I have used which sells an under the sink filtration system that is affordable and acceptable. Add your minerals to it. 
Go to The 2-Stage under the sink is the one that I have used.