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Tuesday, August 1, 2023 10:57 AM

The man credited with developing the science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic was D.D. Palmer. In the early 20th century, Palmer was focused upon spinal subluxations as a cause of disease in the body. But he was also a true pioneer of healing, ever searching for the causes behind the cause. What led to these interferences to good health that he called subluxations?
The first obvious answer was accidental injury. A bad fall could cause displacement of vertebrae and spraining or tearing of the attached tendons, ligaments, and muscles. But Palmer made another very important discovery. Here’s a portion of his quote:
“…the [neck] bones, the spinal vertebrae, are as liable to be displaced by noxious substances which enter the system in our food and drink or by inhalation, as they are by direct accident.”
In other words, certain foods, beverages, and air pollutants can cause spinal subluxations just as physical injuries can.
He explained further:
“…any food which causes abnormal functioning is a poison…The continued use of one article [of food] may act as a poison upon the nervous system… [When] the nerves [are] irritated, [they] contract longitudinally and act on muscles, which…draw bones out of alignment.”
He concluded:
“Bones displaced ever so little by…poisons impinge upon sensitive nerves [that convey impulses], thereby…decreasing function, which is disease.”
Do you see how involved the nervous system is in disease? Irritation to nerves by “food” and other pollutants causes subluxation – which in turn impinges upon nerves! This interference with the body’s message system diminishes the body’s ability to self-heal, and disease is the result.
It’s so interesting that over 100 years ago, D.D. Palmer uncovered and articulated the connection between nutrition and chiropractic! Even more amazing is that this was in an era of NO “fast foods” and no 10,000 additives that are placed into standard American foods today….no hormones and antibiotics in meat…no food grown in depleted soil, watered with sewage sludge, and sprayed with pesticides…no harmful chemicals and metals (like PCBs and mercury) … and no genetic engineering of food crops.
As all these destructive toxins have been increasingly introduced into the Standard American Diet (SAD), so has grown the explicit need for good nutrition to accompany chiropractic adjustments, so that they will “hold,” and the body can continue to maintain itself.
We firmly believe that preventive care is the BEST health insurance. It is also the cheapest health insurance! The sooner a person addresses his/her health naturally, the less it will cost in the long run – in outlay, in pain, hassle, lost work time, and the downward health spiral that we see so often in those who choose only the medical paradigm.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Good health is a choice, not a chance.