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The Missing Piece – Introducing Nutrition Response Testing

Monday, July 17, 2023 7:34 PM

Preface from the book By Paul J. Rosen, J.D., L.Ac., EAMP
“Although I am a licensed acupuncturist and not a medical doctor, I believe the phrase “physician, heal thyself” clearly applies to all practitioners of the healing arts. I, like you, desire to stay healthy, active and able to take care of loved ones. Before 1996, I ate well (or so I thought), took vitamins, had regular checkups, exercised regularly and believed I knew what I was doing. I was introduced to whole-food nutrition as a teenager, and later in my life studied oriental medicine and became a practitioner. But in 1996, everything went terribly wrong. 
While waiting for a plane home after a fishing trip in Idaho, my heartbeat became irregular. I found myself in the emergency room of the local hospital. After being examined, I was told I was dehydrated and was released. Upon returning home, I experienced deep fatigue, I couldn’t get from the bed to a chair without assistance, had continuing heart irregularities, panic attacks and feelings of suffocation. 
This lis went on and on. I reduced my hours at work and saw every kind of health practitioner; homeopath, osteopath, acupuncturist/herbalist, chiropractor, etc. Each discipline helped a little. But years passed – I had reached a plateau. I was stuck! 
Then, in 2003, a friend introduced me to Dr. Freddie Ulan and the work he called Nutrition Response Testing. Dr. Ulan evaluated me and found I had thyroid exhaustion, digestive enzyme deficiencies and an immune challenge. He put me on a health improvement program of whole-food supplements and dietary changes. 
Within weeks, I began to feel better. I hadn’t felt that good in years! Amazed, I began to increase my professional studies, took courses, did research, and read extensively about nutrition and Nutrition Response Testing. 
I applied what I learned to my acupuncture patients who were not progressing and the results were undeniable. I was able to crack the toughest cases. I emailed Dr. Ulan and asked him to teach me everything he knew. Fortunately for me, he did just that. 
So, for all of you who have suffered more than your share with chronic health conditions such as weight problems, allergies, fatigue, chronic pain, chronic infections, repeated colds or flu, migraines, headaches, insomnia, PMS, menopause or the endless list of other conditions, do what I did – find the missing piece that solves your health concern. 
For those of you who have no symptoms but know the value of preventative health, stop guessing. With Nutrition Response Testing, your precise nutritional needs will be revealed. And don’t confuse lack of symptoms with good health, as many people do. Every human body has special requirements and this technology allows us to listen to its requests. Nutrition Response Testing is painless, powerful and personalized. Only safe, natural and effective tools are used for treatment. 
Thousands of people are feeling better today. Isn’t it your turn? 
I invite you to join me on this incredible journey, isn’t it time you took more control over your health? 
Are you ready to make a change?”