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Following the post on why eating well for more well-being and contentment and to eliminate cravings is difficult for some. 
Let me give you information on something I recommend which really helped me years ago when I found myself with hormonal imbalances. 
This program is quite intense but there are 3 different levels. 
Beginner where you do not change your way of eating while doing the program. 
Intermediate where you make some changes with your diet.
Advanced where you have strict dietary restrictions. 
It involves making a specific flush drink first thing in the morning. The program comes with a pamphlet with exact instructions on how to make the flush. Then drinking some herbal tea that promotes elimination which is provided with the kit. The tea must be soaked all night the previous night, then boiled in the morning. You consume 2 cups of tea after your flush drink with 2 dropperful of herbal tincture into the tea. The tincture is formulated to help detox the liver. If you find the tincture to strong to put in your tea, you can put it in a little bit of diluted water and chuck it down in one shot. Following your tea, you make and consume a green SUPERFOOD smoothie. You then repeat the tea and tincture throughout the day. 
NOTE – You must have at least 2 bowel movements a day before and during this program. If you are not regular, there is a bowel detox you can do prior to the liver detox. Or take Mag07 which is a magnesium product that can be purchased at Whole Foods and take as many as needed to keep you regular at 2 bowel movements a day. 
I have done this program alternating between a kidney detox and then liver detox every quarter initially, then went to twice a year and now I do about once a year depending on how I feel.  
Getting rid of toxins is key and helping the liver and/or kidney do so really give you a boost in the right direction and helps with eliminating cravings. I found that on this program, I felt full and content with the tea and juicing. It is different for different individuals depending on the condition of your liver or kidney but over time it will be worth the effort. Our bodies are like a machine that needs cleaning regularly as we get exposed to toxins in our water, food, in the air, etc.  
I always did the advance level right off the bat, but that’s just me. Of course, the more you restrict your diet and take out junk food, the better the results but anything is better than nothing. So, take it at your preferred level. The idea would be to repeat the detox quarterly at first until you feel a great improvement. 
In my next post, I will give an alternative Detox Program which is less aggressive for those of you who would prefer a slow but steady improvement. It does require some dietary restrictions but not totally undoable.

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