So, let's go over three snack foods that you should do away with.

Monday, July 17, 2023 7:38 PM

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1. Anything With Processed Cheese
Whether it's string cheese, cheese spread, or some other form of artificial cheese, these fake foods are not a good idea. They are very high in chemicals, and some contain dangerous trans fats.
Plus, they don't offer nearly the same amount of protein or healthy fats as a real source of organic cheese. If you like to snack on cheese, opt for Greek cheese, feta cheese or raw, organic cheese that has not been pasteurized. 
2. Chips And Crackers 
You should also eliminate from your diet any chips or crackers that you're consuming. Snacks such as these are typically made with vegetable oils and contain high amounts of omega-6 fats that promote inflammation. Many also contain trans fat (listed as "partially hydrogenated" oil on the label). And of course, most chips and crackers are full of processed carbohydrates that will send your blood sugar levels soaring... and then crashing shortly after. For a healthier cracker buy Simple Mills’ Almond crackers which have simple ingredients you find in homemade recipes. As for chips, slicing organic potatoes in very thin slices and frying in coconut oil is a healthier alternative, but best to snack on something with protein rather than carbohydrate. (See previous post on 12 Paleo Snacks) 
3. Cereal And Energy Bars
And last but not least on the list snack foods to avoid are almost all cereal and energy bars.  Not only are these usually very high in carbohydrates and sugar (if not high-fructose corn syrup), but many also contain artificial dyes, colorings, and preservatives, which can harm your body. Plus, they are devoid of protein content in most cases, and won't provide you with the feeling of fullness and balanced energy you're looking for. You can make your own bar which would be a healthier alternative. Watch for a future post for a healthy bar. For a cereal, opt for a hot cream of buckwheat cereal which is high in protein. You can purchase it online or in a health food store. 
So, if you have any of these snacks in your pantry or desk at work, I encourage you to give 'em the boot from your diet, or exchange them for the healthier version.

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