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Wednesday, July 19, 2023 9:40 PM

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Many of us like to indulge in a cup of coffee in the morning. While we know that coffee is not a healthy beverage, having a cup or two daily is not a huge problem unless you have some severe health issue you are trying to resolve. Also, for people who have existing heart disease, excess caffeine can raise blood pressure to unsafe levels. So, drink moderately. 
That said here are a few pointers to alleviate the burden coffee can bring to your health.
Picking Better Beans
Here are a few very important ways to minimize the impact of your java... and ensure that you are not turning this beverage into one that is harmful.
• Go Organic: Conventionally grown coffee is often sprayed heavily with pesticides. So, choose an organic variety. Not only is it higher in antioxidants, but it is free from chemical contaminants. 
• Sweeten Safely: Adding sugar or flavored syrups to your coffee not only adds calories, it boosts blood sugar and insulin levels. Sweeten with zero-calorie, zero-glycemic stevia and/or erythritol instead, or use a little bit of coconut sugar. 
• Opt for REAL Cream: If you like your coffee with cream, be sure to choose organic cream from grass-fed cows. And NEVER use imitation creamer, like Coffee Mate or Cremora. These products are made with hydrogenated oils - or trans fats - which strongly promote heart disease and diabetes. The Institute of Medicine has stated that there is "no safe level" of trans fat to consume. That means not even a daily teaspoon. If you like creamy coffee but don't want to use dairy, try full-fat coconut milk (Look for a brand that does not add gum to the milk). Trader Joe’s has a good one.  
• Consider Cold Brewing: Cold-brewing creates coffee with up to 70% less acid than conventional hot-brew methods. The result: bold, smooth, sweet flavor. Cold brewing can slash the acid so significantly that even sufferers from acid indigestion and other digestive ails can enjoy a morning cup without discomfort.
• Rethink Plastic: Brewing coffee in traditional coffee makers can expose hot liquids to plastics that contain BPA, phthalates and other chemicals. These harmful endocrine disruptors can leach into your coffee. For the same reason, be sure to choose metal or porcelain travel mugs.
Coffee can be a pleasurable way to start your day. Just be sure to follow the recommendations above to enjoy your morning cup guilt-free.