Benefits of breastfeeding vs Bottle

Friday, July 28, 2023 12:48 PM

It has been said and believed for a while now that breastfeeding helps the baby with his immunity and development, but did you know that breastfeeding helps with facial development of the child primarily the cheekbones with the action of sucking and suckling. 
Excerpt from the book “Pottenger’s Cats – A Study in Nutrition”   
“… The masseter (muscle of mastication) is the chief muscle of chewing and its bony origin in the malar prominence (cheekbone) of the zygoma (bone on each side of the eyes) is easy to measure. The masseter (muscle of mastication) pulls & stimulates the malar prominence (cheekbone) to grow downward and laterally. A larger malar prominence (cheekbone) is of value not only because it protects the eye and has aesthetic value, but because it is the foundation for a powerful bite…….” 
“…. To determine the influence of nursing on facial development, the biorbital (eye orbit) and bimalar (height of cheekbone) distances of each individual is measured. The same physician made all the measurements and a nurse took a history of how long each patient had been nursed. ..” 
“…. Those individuals who are not nursed at all show the least malar (cheekbone) growth. Those nursed three months or less show better malar growth, and those nursed more than three months show the best growth of all…. “
There you have it!  
Another reason to encourage breastfeeding. Nowadays there are clinics that will help a mother with breastfeeding as there are correct ways and incorrect ways to breastfeed for the ease and comfort of the mother and baby. 

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