21 Purification Program

Monday, July 31, 2023 3:00 PM

As promised, here data on a les aggressive detox than the 5 Day Liver Detox Program. 

Here is a 21 Purification Program from Standard Process which many of you have already heard about and may have done before.

This program is excellent for a low gradient and steady health improvement. The program helps patients purify, nourish, and maintain a healthy body and weight 

You purchase the program as a kit, and it comes in.
• No Flavor 
• Chocolate 
• Vanilla 
• Dairy-Free

The first 3-5 days are the hardest as you will likely be craving all the old foods. Don’t give in!  Take this time to exercise extreme “Self-Control”.  After the 5th day you will find your old cravings diminishing and a newfound sense of wellbeing. 

Generally, by days 7-10 you are functioning at a higher plane and your body and mind are clearing.

If you are craving carbohydrates (pasta, bread, potatoes, sugar, etc.) you can take an herb called “Gymnema” (1 tablet 3 times per day). This will be your lifesaver!

Additional Products you may want or need.
• Whey Pro Complete- For additional protein in your shake.
• Coleus Forte and Thyroid complex- to help with weight loss. 
• Tuna Omega Oil- for your Omega 3.
• LivCo- for additional liver support.
• Colax- for added bowel support.
Ask us for more information on your next visit!

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