11 Dietary “Wise Traditions” Principle #3

Friday, July 21, 2023 6:30 PM

You can have carbs on the Wise Traditions diet! In fact, adequate carbohydrate intake is critical to good health. As for grains, many healthy traditional peoples studied by Dr. Price consumed grains.  But grains are very hard to digest unless prepared by soaking, souring or fermentation.
Get Your Carbs Right!
Be sure to seek out organic grains and flours, as RoundUp and other harmful chemicals are used on conventional grains, even those that are not GMO. And always enjoy your carbohydrate foods with good fats—oatmeal with butter, bread with butter, fruit with cream, etc.—as good fats help you digest the carbohydrate foods.
EAT THE GOOD CARBS (best eaten with good fats)!
• Starchy vegetables, well cooked
• Natural sweeteners (in moderation), such as raw honey, dehydrated cane sugar juice, maple syrup, etc.
• Whole grains, legumes and nuts - properly prepared (soaked porridge, sourdough bread, etc.)
• Fruit – both raw and cooked
• White flour products
• Dry breakfast cereals
• Refined sweeteners
• Improperly prepared whole grain products (granola, muesli, non-sourdough whole grain bread)
• Genetically modified and non-organic grains

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