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Saturday, March 18, 2023 9:55 AM

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Blood is to the human body what soil is to the plant.  It is common knowledge that poor, exhausted soil will produce only weak, sickly plants.  In the same way, poor blood, lacking in essential constituents (which comes from well digested traditional wholesome foods) will produce weak, sickly bodies, prone to disease.  By enriching the soil, the ill-conditioned plant can be made to recover and flourish.  The recovery of the ailing human body can best be achieved by a similar process – by restoring to the blood the constituents in which it is lacking.  This is Biochemistry – The Chemistry of Living Tissue.
Quoted from Dr. Schuessler, London 1959 (Cellular Therapy)
Also Dr. Schuessler’s Biochemistry: A Natural Method of Healing
Publisher: Thorsons Publishers
Publication Date: 1984
(My own notes in parathesis)
[“It is a well-established fact, although it may not be widely known, that the invisible natural force within us (our life force) is the most effective guardian of our health. But even this great natural force is unable to keep the complicated human structure in good working order for long if the blood does not contain the materials required for the building of new, healthy cells.
Water and organic matter (which means coming from plants or animals) such as sugar (referring to the sugar that comes from the breakdown of food – not the refined man-made kind), albuminous (like the white of an egg) and fatty substances make up the greater portion of the body.  The inorganic (mineral) elements, however, although present in very small quantities, are the vital elements, the active workers which utilize the inactive organic substances in building the millions of cells of which the body is composed.
The life of the cells is of short duration:  Millions of them are constantly breaking down and new ones are just rapidly being built up, the necessary material for this continuous rebuilding is supplied from the bloodstream.  Hence it can readily be seen that if the blood lacks the necessary quantities of these active, lifegiving, inorganic elements (which comes from well digested traditional wholesome foods) the rebuilding process cannot occur in a normal orderly manner, and the resulting disturbance of the bodily rhythm gives rise to what is called “disease” in one of its many and varied forms.”]
I am of the belief that we all need to regain a knowledge of the traditional foods our ancestors had the wisdom of preparing for thousands of years which they understood  kept their bodies in good working condition well into old age.  We need to reconnect ourselves with the farms where the food gets produced and support our local producing farms in order to get the best and freshest goods.