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Vitamin A-mazing – Part 1

Thursday, November 2, 2023 11:10 AM

Article from Weston A Price -

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When I first learned about the Foundation’s infor­mation and diet twenty years ago, I was very skeptical. I had conventional university training as a nutritionist. I couldn’t imagine the Weston A. Price Foundation’s dietary philosophy as being right. However, I just kept reading and eventually realized—it is right. One thing I learned was that I needed a lot more vitamin A in my diet. I needed other things as well, but I think vitamin A was one of the big pieces I was missing. Why do we— myself and the Foundation—care so much about a single vitamin?

Vitamin A is necessary for almost every single function in the body. According to J. Timoneda, a researcher in the field of vitamin A, it is the most multifunctional vitamin in the human being.1 Commentators claim that deficiencies are rare in developed nations, but this is not true. Moreover, vitamin A is one of the most difficult nutrients to absorb and utilize. And Americans, or so-called “modern” people, don’t eat the best food sources anymore. Unfortunately, in my observations, most health care experts don’t think vitamin A deficiency is a problem and would prefer their patients not take any vitamin A nor consume any foods that are rich in it.

In his book Nutrition and Physical De­generation, Dr. Weston A. Price emphasized the importance of vitamin A, noting that the diets of traditional healthy people he observed contained ten times more vitamin A than those of people he saw in the United States.