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The Benefits of Body Scrubs

Wednesday, October 18, 2023 3:23 PM

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The primary goal of body scrubs is to exfoliate and remove dead skin. This promotes smoother skin and also helps your skin to breathe better. You will find also that a good body oil or lotion after a scrub will absorb much better and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. I do stress a good body lotion as the cheap scented lotion can leave your pores clogged. A good body scrub will also help to unclog your pores if that’s the case. I do prefer a good body oil to a lotion. I like this one at

There are body scrubs that you can purchase that will help exfoliate your whole body, but my preferred method is to use a natural body brush.

My family tends to have dry skin, so my father used to do brush his body regularly with a good stiff brush. He initiated me to this procedure although I used a softer brush. I quickly learned how good it feels to shed the dead skin but also it activates more circulation to the skin. I use the brush in the shower at least once a week but more often if I feel it is needed. I feel so refreshed afterwards even energized.

There are also natural loofah sponges you can use to exfoliate your face. I have one in my shower and when I brush my body, I also use the sponge on my face. You can use the brush or sponge with a good natural soap or just with water. Dry brushing is not recommended as it can irritate your skin.

You can purchase a natural boar bristle brush online or a natural food store usually will have some in their pharmacy or cosmetic area.

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