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The link between Digestion and Immunity

Wednesday, January 4, 2023 12:05 PM

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Hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) in the stomach digests bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. the same way it does with any other protein. 
The breakdown of food is completed in the small intestine. 90% of the nutrients are absorbed through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. During this absorption, remaining microbes are destroyed by the immune cells in the Peyer’s Patches (lymph nodules in the small intestine). 
The remaining chyme (predigested food) move into the large intestine. Healthy bowel flora offset the effects of any “bad” bacteria that may remain in the chyme. Again, the nutrients absorbed through the intestinal wall are filtered by the lymphatic system. 
DYSFUNCTION – Too little Hydrochloric acid. 
When there is not enough Hydrochloric acid the proteins are left partially digested or undigested. Microbes survive and reproduce. 
The rotting, putrefying, proteins move into the small intestine along with the microbes, over time causing damage to the intestinal wall (leaky gut). 
These same substances can now move through the “holes” and into the bloodstream. 
The “nutritional” proteins now look foreign (along with the microbe) and trigger an immune response. 
The microbes moving into the large intestine can overpower the healthy bowel flora, leading to overgrowth of candida, parasites, fungus, and “bad” bacteria. 
Get tested to ensure your digestion is working well enough to avoid these issues and if not, we will put you on the appropriate supplements to resolve these issues and restore your digestion. This will result in a better immune system not to mention better absorption of the needed nutrients to maintain health.