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Paleo Snack Idea # 4 of 12 (more to follow)

Friday, January 20, 2023 11:43 AM

Keeping your fridge stocked with soft- or hard-boiled eggs is a great way to have a quick nutrient-rich Paleo snacks on hand. For a more culinary-inspired treat, mix the yolks with mashed avocado or Paleo mayo for tasty and satiating Paleo Deviled Eggs. 
You can purchase Paleo mayonnaise at Thrive Market is a great way to order online many brands of healthy pantry items. You do have to become a member but if you use many of the products that they offer, it is convenient and worth the cost. 
Here is a recipe for Paleo Mayonnaise 
1 large egg at room temperature (pastured preferred) 
1 tsp lemon juice (from organic lemon) 
½ tsp ground mustard 
¼ tsp fine sea salt 
¼ tsp ground black pepper 
1 ¼ cup organic virgin cold pressed olive oil or avocado oil 
In a Blender - 
1. Add egg, lemon juice, mustard, salt, and pepper into the blender basin and turn on until combined. 
2. With motor running very, very slowly drip in the oil until the mayo thickens  
3. Taste to adjust seasoning 
This recipe can be made with a food processor also. The trick is to slowly add the oil drip by drip while the machine blends.