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Endocrine System

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 12:10 PM

The endocrine system is all about hormones and hormones are all about communication. The body creates more than 100 different hormones. Hormones transfer information and instructions from one set of cells to another. 
Hormones fall into one of five classes; 
In the Lipid Soluble category – 
• Steroid Hormones (derived from cholesterol) 
• Thyroid Hormones (Iodine atoms + Tyrosine) 
In the Water-Soluble category – 
• Amines (modified Amino Acids) 
• Peptides and Protein (chains of Amino Acids) 
• Eicosanoid (derived from Fatty Acids) 
Endocrine glands, as well as other organs/tissues from other systems produce hormones. Endocrine glands produce hormones that deliver messages from the organ/tissue of origin to other parts of the body. 
Endocrine Glands; 
• Pineal 
• Pituitary 
• Thyroid 
• Parathyroid 
• Thymus 
• Adrenals 
• Pancreas
• Ovaries/Testes 
• Adipose Tissues 
Non-Endocrine organs/tissues that produce hormones; 
• Hypothalamus 
• Skin 
• Lungs 
• Heart 
• Stomach 
• Small Intestine 
• Kidney 
• Liver 
The coordinated movement, synthesis (production of chemicals from hormones) and dispersal of hormones is like an orchestra, all the instruments need to play together to achieve harmony. 
In our exams we assess the condition of all these organs and glands to find if there is dysfunction with any of them. We can then remedy the situation with the right supplements. But most importantly, we always find the priority so that balance is restored. In that way all the glands and organs work together like a well-tuned orchestra. It also eliminated having to address all the dysfunction with too many products when all that is needed are only a few with the correct priority. 
We encourage our patients to come at recommended intervals even when they are doing better so that we can ensure the body is always communicating as it should and is maintaining balance. It is not wise to wait until something goes wrong before getting tested as it is much more cost efficient, both money and time wise, to maintain health than to recover it.