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How to minimize the hormone effect of plastics

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 9:25 AM

Plastics as a health concern is great to be aware of! This article discusses the effect of microplastics that we get from consuming both plants and animals that have been exposed to these toxins.   I have seen BPA cause many different hormonal issues for different people over the years.  

One way to reduce this factor is to focus on food quality and reducing packaging.  Water bottles sometimes have plastic components that leak into the water, especially when heated, so drinking from a stainless steel or glass container is great.  One other way is to reduce microwave use or transfer to pyrex glass to cook in.

Luckily it is not all bad news, as the article explains that there are individuals and organizations that are aware of this issue and solutions are being worked out.  

For example the article states, “...a team of researchers at Sichuan University has developed a tiny robot fish that can collect microplastics. 

And, last year, the BBC reported on a removal method using vegetable oil, iron oxide and magnets. Following 5,000 tests, the method was found to be 87% effective at extracting microplastics from water."