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Tuesday, December 7, 2021 9:54 AM

This is a great article about Sriracha that highlights the benefits as well as how to know if it is affecting your digestion.  As for what it is if you never heard of it, "Sriracha is a spicy hot sauce made by combining a paste of chili peppers and garlic with vinegar, sugar, and sometimes salt. Many brands of the sauce are available today, but the Huy Fong brand (aka “rooster sauce”) is one of the most recognized."

The flavor is described as, “ ...spicy, sweet, and tangy or sour. The final flavor of the chili sauce can vary between batches and brands and is highly influenced by the type of chilis used.”  This condiment is often used in Thailand for, “...a dipping sauce for seafood, spring rolls, and other meals. Around the world, sriracha is used for everything from replacing ketchup on french fries to flavoring chocolate."

More foods traditionally paired with sriracha include:

  • veggies
  • seafood
  • eggs
  • meats
  • rice
  • noodles
  • stir-fry
  • spring rolls
  • soups 
  • pho
  • ramen
  • burgers
  • tacos or burritos 

One of the benefits from a nutritional perspective is the nutritient capscin.  “…[it] is responsible for the strong flavor of the chilis, and it has health benefits."

These benefits include: