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What is a healthy diet

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 3:26 PM

Here is a great article that dives into what eating a healthy diet consists of.  One quote that really makes a great point is,  "Perhaps the conversation we need to be having is more about what we’re not eating enough of, rather than what we consume too much.”  Expanding on this concept it is so important to focus on getting the right nutrition into the diet and not just what you shouldn’t eat.  A good analogy for this is imagine you are building a house and you only focused on what you didn’t need in order to build it.  The house might take a long time or never get built in the first place.  Yes sugar will work against your health improvement, but so will not eating carrots or getting enough protein to aid in tissue repair.  

Another Great point is that, "Health and nutrition are definitely not just about weight loss. Eating a healthy, balanced diet will improve your mental health, energy levels, digestion, strength and much more that can’t be measured on the scales…”. Weight is a marker or an indication of health status, but it isn’t the only marker and quality of life should be the focus.  It is important to start from where you are and work towards health improvement.  I recommend Nutritional Coaching to help find the right strategy for each person and here is a link to my recent blog post on this topic.