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Sprouting nuts and seeds

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 11:34 AM

Sprouted nuts are raw nuts that have been soaked in water until they get to the first stage of plant growth, called germanation.  Sprouting certain grains, nuts, and beans (legumes) can boost their antioxidants (prevents cellular mutations), amino acids (protein building blocks), and B vitamins.  It’s also been shown to reduce antinutrients like phytic acid, which can get in the way of absorbing other important vitamins and minerals.  

Preparing sprouted nuts at home requires a soaking step and a sprouting step. Keep in mind that there are some nuts that can’t be fully sprouted and will stop after the soaking step.  The article I included at the bottom has the soaking times and how do do different nuts. 

For more on how to soak and sprout nuts, seeds, grains and beans in order to harness their nutritional power for even more nutritional benefits see this link (