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Perfect Greens Holiday Offer

Monday, November 22, 2021 11:56 AM

Happy Holidays and specifically Happy Thanksgiving.  I wanted to do something extra special this holiday season becaue it has been an interesting couple of years, so I decided to make this available to those of you that are keeping up with my blog.  For the month of November I am making Perfect Greens from Body Health available at a 40% discount (just $30.00 vs. the normal $49.95).  

Perfect greens is a really great way to help get the benefits of eating organic vegtables in large quantities in a conveinent on the go way.  I think they taste great and I get more energy from having this than a cup of Coffee.  I am not specifying a limit on how many you can get at this price, so if you want to give the gift of good nutrition this holiday season, I can’t think of a better gift.  This is while quantities last of course so give us a call 512-961-1866, or e-mail us at

You do not have to currently be seeing us to get this offer, so if you haven’t been in for a bit, don’t fret your welcome to take advantage of this special holiday savings as well.  I have included some of the many benefits of this great greens product. If you can’t make it by the office and want us to ship this I am discounting the shipping to a flat $5 per order. 

PerfectGreens includes:

  • Organic Greens Juice Blend: A health enriching, alkalizing blend of 5 of nature’s most nutrient-dense superfoods: wheatgrass, barley grass, moringa leaf, chlorella, and spirulina.
  • Organic Garden Blend: Get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables with these high-potency organic extracts from kale, spinach, broccoli, parsley, sweet potato, and carrot.
  • Organic Glucose Support Blend: A unique blend to promote optimal insulin and blood glucose levels, made with special extracts from bitter melon, gymnema, cinnamon, and polyphenol-rich whole apple extract.
  • Organic Antioxidant Blend: Oxidative damage is at the heart of many chronic and degenerative issues and are a primary cause of cellular aging. Protect your health and longevity with premium extracts of antioxidant-rich green tea, turmeric, grape resveratrol, grape skin, and blueberry.
  • Organic Detox Blend: Help your body function in an increasingly toxic world with our special detox blend. It is formulated from extracts of artichoke and milk thistle to keep your body healthy and strong.
  • Perfect Fiber Blend: Gut health has a profound impact on our total well-being. A healthy gut requires healthy gut bacteria, and those trillions of beneficial bacteria all need a special kind of fiber called “prebiotic fiber.” Ours is derived from organic tapioca and has the highest bowel tolerance of any prebiotic fiber.
  • Perfect Probiotic and Digestive Blend: Your entire body depends on the energy provided by your digestive system. Give it the support it needs, and your whole body reaps the rewards. PerfectGreens Formula includes 4 of the most powerful digestive enzymes and a rare, highly effective probiotic strain known as Bacillus Coagulans.
Again Happy Holidays from Better Body Clinical Nutrition, 

Joseph Strickland, A.C.N, B.S.