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New study shows that Nutrition is better than drugs for healthy aging

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 3:21 PM

As many of my patients know, I never stop studying Nutrition and luckily for me it is always being studied.  Here ( is a study that validates what a lot of people have figured out for themselves.  I like to use the Dick Van Dyke analogy.  This is a person that has remained very active and was in the new Mary Poppins movie, dancing around like he is in his 40’s or 50’s while he is in his 80’s.  I want to be like him, and while I have never worked with him and know nothing about his lifestyle or eating habits I am willing to bet that he takes good care of himself and has good eating and exercise habits.  This study is done on rats, but what it concludes is that taking drugs alone was not a good replacement for proper food and movement.  This is a great concept to understand.  Drugs sometimes get us thru a crisis or emergency situation, but staying in that condition long term has a negative effect on healthy aging and quality of life.  If you are looking for improved quality of life or overall health improvement then sign up for our newsletter for more ongoing tips and tricks.